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FAST N' FREE Worldwide Shipping + Great Prices and Top Tier Products!
FAST N' FREE Worldwide Shipping + Great Prices and Top Tier Products!

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Integral Massager allows you to reduce stiffness, relieve pain, improve blood circulation and increase mobility, all while keeping you 100% safe. Reduce existing pain, protect against injury, and enhance your muscular movements


Well I bought this device, thinking to give it a try. Well it works very well. I can feel the electric field doing his job on the back of the neck. I use it when I get a light headache, and the device would work the magic. It is very relaxing and you can adjust the intensity (there are three intensity levels). You also have to make sure the contacts between your neck and the magnets are well made to be able to feel the work   - Michaela

This massager works great and fits perfect on my neck. The remote makes it supper easy to change settings. this massager is doing wonders for my sore spots. its lightweight but is very has some power to it. the vibration and heat combo is awesome. I would definitively recommend this product - Kenneth

This was easy enough to get going. I really like that it just rest on your neck and your hands can just hang and not hold anything. The massage is really, really good. It feels like i got one of those nice neck and shoulder massages from one of those masseuses walking around in the casinos in Vegas. The price is very reasonable for such a device. I've seen similar electric massagers going for way more. Great stuff! - Gabriel